Press brake and roll bending

Safan E-Brake B 100-3100

The E-Brake incorporates all the benefits of the proven servo-electric drive concept. The transfer of pressing force relies on a mechanism with flat belts and a set of rotating wheels on roller bearings. Thanks to incomparably higher acceleration and deceleration of the ram, it achieves greater productivity compared to hydraulic presses.

Bending force:MAX. 1 000 kN
Working length:MAX. 3 100 mm

BENDMAK | CY SERIES 3-ROLL Intial pinch plate rolls

The Bendmak CY Series 3 Roll Initial Pinch style of plate rolls are the most popular style for thinner material requirements. Asymmetrical design allows the sheet metal to be correctly aligned before bending. With the sheet metal properly clamped between two rolls during forming it ensures the material maintains its position guaranteeing precise bending.

Operating length:MAX. 1 250 mm
Maximum thickness:MAX. 3 mm

Press brake and roll bending gallery

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