Welding automation

CTP 1350

We developed device for welding long welds. The device is mainly designed for welding long welds of fillet welds and butt welds by methods MIG or MAG. Advantages of this device is simultaneous welding from two sides. Its main components consist of a support frame with a longitudinal positioning table for workpieces and a horizontal linear track with a traversing carriage. This track includes a carriage drive, wire feeders, welding torches, technological torches with vertical and horizontal correction supports, welding torch holders, and a control unit. The welding process is operated by two remote control joysticks.

Maximum length of the weldment:12 000 mm
Maximum width of the weldment:500 mm
Maximum weight of the weldment:500 mm
Range of adjustment for correction supports:100 mm
Range of welding speed:10 - 300 mm/min
Welding machines:SYNERGICPRO 504 -4WS

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